An Evening with Pettu-Eerikki

Groups of 1-9 persons


1-2 persons: 115 € / person

3-6 persons: 105 € / person

7-9 persons: 95 € / person

Available languages for the tour are English, Finnish and Swedish*.

Booking at least 3 days before the event.

Individual changes can be agreed upon separately.

*When available – agreed separately

Make reservations:

+358 40 542 3789


Pettu-Eerikki embodies the spirit of the Finnish countryside and its forests and wraps it up with a truly unique setting of antiques, excellent food and... a torture chamber? 

* Three course á la carte dining selectable from our seasons menu's

Always served with Pettu-Eerikki's own traditional Finnish rye and wheat bread. Dinner includes the menu's wine and soft drinks for persons under 18.

Pettu Eerikki – Á la carte

* A guided tour into one of Finlands largest private historical collections (from the 1880's to the 1950's)

The historical collection catches the most crucial moments in Finnish history, the russification, civil war and the world wars and more lighter subjects like young people's dances organised nearby in the 50's. The collection includes polical, military, and rarer everyday items, some of which are unique.

* Warm drinks in the torture chamber

The after dinner sweets, coffee and tea are set up into the candle light torture chamber.

Ravintola Kokoukset ja yritystilaisuudet Ratsastus Näyttely Juhlapalvelu