Welcome to Pettu-Eerikki. We are an unique ensemble in the Finnish countryside.

We offer accommodation, a fine Finnish style restaurant furnished with antiques (and in some cases torture equipment, yikes!) and the exiting chance to enjoy Finland at its best, that its, through its nature.

Horseback riding, trips to the countryside, lakeside sauna and other unique experiences are our speciality.

The head of the house and the head of the family is proud to say the he is the descendant of a former king of Sweden (like so many of us finns). So therefore we have Erikwhich comes from the Eric IX of Sweden. The story of the name continues with Pettu. Pettu is the bark that was used in bread during times of starvation and national crisis.

Our name reflects us in many ways. Our halls are decorated with real antiques and memorabilia. Some from the times of Sweden and some from the time our country was a part of Russia. We still take pride of where we come from. The crises of the nation made us unite.

The pettu also resembles the fact that our kitchen is traditional and we haven't lost our touch with nature. We make our own bread from the grain we grow ourselves.

Please take some time and enjoy these images from us. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you wish to spend some time in the Finnish countryside.

And yes, we speak English.

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